Thursday, April 9, 2009

One step forward, two steps back

After a vist today to the dentist for a regular check-up, I will be revisiting Wanda's basket. I am not satisfied with the "twill" pattern weaving in the first section of flat cane weaving. I think I can remove it and replace it with a more solid type of weave without having to undo all the rest I have woven. (The present weave is too open and not as solid feeling as I want.)

I base this optimistic view that I can replace it on an experience I had during a exhibition and sale event in Almonte. There a customer really liked one of my trays, but wanted flat cane dyed green instead of the brown flat cane that it featured. Fortunately, I was demonstrating how to make a basket and had some of the green cane with me. I carefully removed the two rows of brown and replaced them with green. Sale made!

I hope for the same success this afternoon.

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