Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shipping costs: a conundrum.

Last night I spent over an hour on my etsy shop site changing information about shipping costs. For the last two weeks I had a shop announcement for potential customers to contact me about shipping costs for articles selling at $30.00 or more. This announcement was a copy of a similar one I saw. I had not established actual costs for shipping my buky but lightweight baskets.

On reading etsy material, I realised I was putting an unnecessary barrier between me and a potential customer by asking them to contact me. I then checked out a variety of sellers of wicker baskets and established a pattern of their shipping costs, with the variable being the sizes of the baskets. I then changed all my costs to reflect those of other sellers, changed my shop announcement and my shop policies to reflect this change. Time will tell if this starategy helps.


  1. That is a good idea John - you may want to double check with Canada Post's Website ( to make sure you won't lose too much money on shipping. Canadians have much higher shipping costs so it is very hard to compete with US sellers and not lose money in the process. Many Canadian sellers raise their item prices marginally to cover this difference and pay for shipping materials.
    Good luck, happy selling! :)

  2. John, your basketry is beautiful and your blog is on its way but I don't see a link to your Etsy shop on your blog. If you add your etsy mini like you did for gutsche, it will always update with your newest work. It also provides a link directly to your shop. Just FYI.