Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wanda's basket: introduction.

Wanda's Basket:

My across-the-street neighbour has asked me to make and design a custom basket for her. (Wanda was born the year Anne and I were married, so she always knows which particular anniversary is coming up.) When she visited my Studio, she was very exact in what she wants. The basket has to be 18" high, twice the height of my sewing baskets. It has to be barel shaped, and 12" across at its base and top. Its lid must fit over the top rim so it is cat proof. Wanda's family has two cats. One, the most people freindly cat I have ever met, Winston, would live in the basket if it was accessible.

The body has to be natural cane but with light brown and dark brown earth-tone patterns, designs and textures. An earth-tone braid should also be used in decoration. And its lid must have a special ceramic knob.

I agreed to these requests. The customer is always right! But I said while I was making this custom design for Wanda I would also make a similar one (not identical) to put on my etsy shop.

(Last week's episode of dyeing cane was in response to Wanda's request. The tan and brown dyes were used to make her chosen colours available.)

Over the next two weeks I will describe the processes of making Wanda's basket. And, as suggested by one of the blog followers, I will try to add photographs to this blog to show what I am doing.


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  2. It's pretty bad that I can't type without making a ton of typos, here is that last comment typo free:

    John I can't wait to see how Wanda's basket comes out. Same color scheme for both?

  3. They will both have the same colour scheme, but will have different patterns.