Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Ottawa Tulip Festival

This year we managed to get to the Tulip Festival in Ottawa at the right time. In other years we have either been too early or too late.
The first photo shows a glimpse of the tulips across the Rideau Canal at Dows' Lake.

In the second photo, Anne is getting ready to set off down the Rideau Canal from Hog's Back. Its a very pleasant ride from there to Commissioners Park where the rest of the photos were taken.

We rode around 16km (10 miles) for the round trip. We had to cross the canal at Hartwell's Lock to get to the largest display of tulips. There were lots of tourists as well as bike racks for our bikes. Tour buses seemed to multiply.
Ottawa is well worth visiting even if the Tulip Festival, in years of bad weather, is fondly called
Stem Fest.

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