Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ready to leave for Rhode Island

We are now ready to leave for our vacation with Adrian to Rhode Island. As you will notice, in preparation for the trip I put my etsy shop in vacation mode. Hence, nothing shows on this blog except a white space for that shop. That white space will remain until we return on May 31st.
The RI trip is one of many we have done through exchanging our Florida time-share weeks for other places. Last year we exchanged for two different places in England. The photo here shows one unit we received in exchange. The whole unit was probably twice the size of our home in Kanata, had three bathroom suites, three bedrooms, a sauna and a spectacular view of the resort's golf course. We were upgraded to that unit since the exchange people fouled up the original exchange we had planned on.
If the Rhode Osland exchange unit is half as luxurious, we will be very happy.

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