Thursday, June 25, 2009

Christmas Star: improving, but not yet acceptable

It took me many hours, but I completed a Christmas Star made from cane. For the last three or so hours, I was able to work outside on my deck which covers the car port.
The lower photo shows the assembled materials, the partially completed star, and the model from which I am working. As you will see, the model features pointed star segments while my star has rounded segments. Next time I will figure out how to get the segments pointed.
The middle photo shows me at work using crazy glue, with latex gloves on, to join two of the 56 ends of the cane together. Patience!
The upper photo shows the finished star with its rounded segments.
(The Canadian Flag in the background is in preparation for Canada Day, July 1st.)


  1. Goodness that is quite a long time to work at a star! I like the rounded ends - it looks like a could probably sell them like that as flowers!!
    Best of luck trying to get the star to look like a star, I would have thrown it off my deck by now, you have much more patience than I do!

  2. I gave you an award!
    Congratulations :)

  3. There is a pattern called a Carolina Snowflake that you might be able to adapt from to get just the look you want. Your baskets are beautiful.

  4. Incredible patience required...they look beautiful John...i agree with Meghann, you could sell the rounded ones as flowers no problem.