Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tray Making Tutorial: Part 1: Securing the stakes to the base.

Before you begin securing the stakes to the tray base, assemble to tools you will need. These include scissors or snips, a spray bottle, a wash pail or bucket with water, and a hand towel (not shown.) Photos 1 and 2 show examples of these tools.

Soak the stakes for a minute or two. Insert them through the holes in the tray base so that around 3 to 4 inches protudes through the bottom side of the tray. The third photo shows this done.

Hold the base vertical to the table. Take the fifth stake from the left upper corner and take it to the right "over one and behind" as shown in the next photo, i.e. over stake number six and in by stake number seven. Leave about half-an-inch of this stake resting against stake number seven. Take the sixth stake over stake number five, around stake number seven, and in to rest by stake number eight. The fifth photo shows this step. Repeat this pattern, moving from left to right.

When you reach the stake that is three stakes from a corner, ensure that its end rests against the corner stake without protuding over the tray edge. (See next photo.)

Wrap the stake next to the corner around the corner, and place it against the next stake as usual. (See photo.)

When there are two stakes remaining, place the next to the last around the last, with its end resting against the first stake you wove. (See photo.) For the last stake, push the first stake towards you so a gap in made through which you can weave the last stake. (See photo.) Push the stakes back tight and the base is secure.

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