Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miss-steps to losing weight and becoming fit

More than a month ago, my eldest son, Julian, bought me a Wii Fit computer system. I had talked about buying one, particularly for the winter months when it is often too icy on the side-walks to jog. The system told me how overweight I was (4o lbs!) and described by Wii Fit age as 75, ten years beyond my actual age. This was the incentive I needed to get back to exercising daily, reducing weight and getting back my fitness.

I was a good runner in the 80's and 90's, taking part in 10k runs, half-marathons and marathons. I decided to get back into running. On Wii Fit over the course of two eeks, I progressed from a 10 minute run to a 3o minute run. But it was getting to be boring. So I began to run outside on the Trans-Canada Trail and the local streets.

Initially I was running around 3kms. I had some foot pain, but it went away. On off days I would rest, walk or bicycle. Before we went to Vancouver, I was running perhaps three times a week distances of around 4kms.

Vancouver was a delight for a runner. I could step from the hotel onto the sea wall trail, and be in Stanley Park in a couple of minutes. There I ran 4km and 5 km runs, and had swimming and biking too. Achilles tendon twinges could be felt, but they were not too serious. I did not take the advice heard today, "Listen to your body."

It was in Vancouver that I bought an inexpensive pair of running shoes from Sears. They seemed fine when I ran 5kms in them. No blisters, just a nagging ache.

On returning home, I did not run for three days. I then ran a 5km distance in my new shoes on the trail. I did a good time and the pain subsided early in the run. Yesterday, I put on my old running shoes and ran a 4km street and trail run. The starting 1/2 km was very painful, and while the pain diminished it was uncomfortable for the whole run.

On my return home, I visited my neighbour who knows about things medical. Acilles Tendonitus was her verdict. I then made my next mistake. I decided to ask advice from the local Running Room where I would buy a good pair of running shoes. The mistake was to decide to walk to the store, just a mile away from home. The walk there was painful, and the walk back even more so. By the time I was home with advice (R.I.C.E.) and a good pair of supportive runners, my hobbling had resulted in additional pain in one of my thighs. Maybe it is too late for this old dog to learn!

Resting my heels on a bag of frozen peas semed to help as did a hot bath after. I will take it easy for a few days!!!!!

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your injury! It is always so frustrating to get hurt when you are restarting your fitness routines. At least you have a Wii for when you're healthy! I am SO jealous - I've wanted one for years :)