Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Vintage items at my Etsy shop

Today I added seven (7) vintage items to my Etsy shop. Four of them are shown here. One is a copper crumb sweeper according to the appraisers at Birks. We have always called it a crumb tray. A seond is a sugar sifter while a third is a commemorative truella (trowel) used to lay the cornerstone of a new vestry of the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Burslem in 1901. The last shows the serving knife and fork to a similarly aged set of fish knives and forks. Six more fish knives and forks complete the set.
Check out my etsy shop by clicking on one of the images at the side of this post from JohnToftBasketry.
You might enjoy the vintage Mad Bomber Hat too!

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