Monday, July 27, 2009

One day of tear down after the flood.

The the three man crew that did the tear down did an excellent job. As you can see, our beautiful "Pergo" floor on top of "dry core" sub-flooring is no more. Huge industrial fans and de-humidifiers are scattered through the basement. And even the drywall around one of the steel support posts was cut out to the two foot level.
My basketry studio huddles wherever it can. Cane and willow supplies, completed baskets, my basketry tools as well as other tools sit with living room furniture, laundry and Julian's clothing, bed and goods.
We were very fortunate in some respects. Two card tables had to be thrown out, but Anne's piano and other furniture is unscathed.
The small drain is the innocent souce of the damage. As the storm sewers filled beyond capacity the excess waters entered basements via such small openings. Such large amounts of damages from such small apertures.

My insurance broker from the Ontario Teachers' Insurance Plan called today to check on progress and to assure me we are covered. He seems to think that the fans and dehumidifiers should be let to work for five days. Julian will have to be in a motel for that period. Its not the comforts of home.

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