Saturday, August 22, 2009

Statistics and ready for the mail

In an average month, my Etsy shop receives "visits" from around 1000 people. This is according to Google Analytics. Yesterday, after the publication of the Storque article, my shop received 553 visitors. And this was from 1 00 pm to midnight!
64 visitors to Storque left very favourable comments on the article too, while another 45 or so "hearted" my shop (i.e. declared it to be a favourite of theirs.) And, I received four new orders for baskets.
Earlier in this month I sold two baskets and found out exactly how much it costs to mail them to customers. Up to that time I had raised my prices a little and offered "Free Shipping" in Canada and the US. This was fine for vintage coins and trays I could pack flat. However, it was not fine for bulky baskets. A rib basket, measuring around 15" in all directions cost over $25.00 to mail. So last week I spent a full morning adding shipping costs to my store to recoup at least some of these mailing costs in future sales. I added notional amounts for shipping of $5, $10, $15 and $20 depending on the size and value of the basket or other items.
The vintage cat basket above was one of the baskets sold following the publication of the Storque article. It was listed with that nominal shipping cost of $20.00. The buyer is from California and I estimate the 24"by18"by18" mailing box shipping cost will be around $60.00. It will still bring in more revenue than costs, but another revision of prices is in the works.


  1. congratulations! This baskets are great and different I know from my country.
    I wish a lot success!

  2. wow, John, congrats on the article. But i am impressed that you already had 1000 visitors a month to your shop. You are certainly doing things right! Maybe i can learn some things from you. Where are most of your visitors coming from? Your blog? I, too, struggle with shipping. I am told one reason baskets are so pricey to ship is that they are not just irregular in size, requiring large or strange-shaped boxes, but they are light. There is an upcharge for light and large. But thanks for the tickle, i think i will go recheck my shipping profiles now!

  3. Oh, this is fantastic, John! Congratulations on the article!
    Along with you and Pamela, I have a hard time on shipping costs. The shipping costs I use are what USPS quoted me, but I hope I can do better.

    This is VERY important information you've provided, so many thanks for the post.
    I am also very impressed that you get ~1000 visitors in your shop every month! And, I am so very happy to see that this article has brought you the attention you deserve. You really do offer amazing baskets!!! Keep up the good work!