Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Transformational Day

During the "Storm of the Century" the transformer in our next-door neighbours back yard was flooded and we were without power for 22 hours. Today, Ottawa Hydro came to replace that transformer and place the new one on a plinth so it would not be subject to flooding.

The day began at 8 00 am with the arrival of a huge crane and other equipment.

The Crane telescoped out ready to lift the old transformer from that backyard, over our ajoined houses and onto the street.

The business began with the old transformer being lifted up.

It cleared the trees in the back yards.

Then it was swung over the houses.

Next a Bob Cat and other equipment was hoisted over the houses.

To land in Barbara's back yard.

The concrete plinth was next to be swung over.

Then came the new transformer.

A job well done, with power restored at 5 35 pm.

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