Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wicked weaves

On our last visit to the local public library, Anne selected the book, "Wicked Weaves" as one I might find interesting. For relaxation we both read mystery novels. As you can see, the title and the cover photograph of the book infer that this mystery is set around basket-making.
The story is set in the Carolinas, in Myrtle Beah, a favourite haunt of many Canadians, particularly those who golf. We spent two weeks in Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago and enjoyed it very much even with the latter part of the second week coinciding with biker week.
The story centres around the local basket-making there at a Renaissnce Fair big business resort featuring jousting, renaissence crafts, castles and kings and queens. When we were in the area we did not go to such a site, but we did check out the local basket-makers. The coiled baskets, as shown in the photo are made from braided sweet grass, pine needles and palm leaves. A very different basket-making craft than mine.
The novel has not grabbed me as yet, but details follow if you wish to obtain it:
Wicked Weaves, by Joyce and Jim Laverne, published by Berkley of New York, September 2008.

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