Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adrian's progress

Today we attended a meeting along with Adrian to discuss his progress with his psychologist and Tamir staff. These meetings are scheduled every six months or so and as needed.
Adrain's blood sugar count is beginning to go down as diet and exercise begin to have some affect on his diabetes. He needs to take long walks daily to bring that count down as well as his weight.
The Doctor is concerned that his anti-psychotic medication and other medications, together with his diabetes, could seriously affect his health. During today's meeting the nurse who accompanies the psychologist took Adrian's blood pressure, listened to his heart, and took his girth measurement. These are baseline data measurements to monitor, in a small way, the effects of his medication. Tamir staff gave the doctor records of his blood sugar since the last meeting as well as details of any behavioural outbursts, and their likely causes.
Adrian continues to have behavioural outbusts at his residence, at his work place, and when he visits us. Such outbursts are distressing to us. Sometimes they are limited to foot stomping. At other times head banging is seen, and at other times he attempts to grab somebody and bite them. It is the latter that results in the loss of the internet for a 24 hour period. His behaviours have escalted to attempting to bite once in the last two or three months. He does not like losing access to U-tube!
The psychologist suggested an addition to the protocol used to reduce these outbursts. She suggested that Adrian be offered a PRN (medication that calms him down) when an outburst seems likely in addition to administering a PRN after an outburst. She suggested this might have the affect of calming him since he might connect the PRN with anxiety and anger reduction.
It would also give him some personal control as to when he might need such medication.
As Adrian's parents we are willing to try anything. His outburst continue to be frightening. We dearly wish that the old, friendly, happy Adrian could be with us again. However, as with many people with autism, psychoses develop and do not disappear. Control is difficult to achieve and the past cannot be retrieved.

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  1. I wish you the best of luck with his treatments, and I thank you for being so caring, understanding and compassionate to him and his medical conditions.