Monday, September 28, 2009

VW Centrepiece: Mark 1

I completed this "centrepiece" today. It is a VW shape and it is a prototype model of others to come.

The base is cut from a 5/8" board, and measures 9'' by 7".

The wheels were purchased from Lee Valley tools. Earlier this year I purchased a work bench at a local garage sale. This made it so much easier to drill the holes for the wheel axels since the vices there enabled me to hold the base vertically.

While the finished product looks fine, I cannot add it to my invenory. The holes I drilled at the corners were fine if I put just one cane through them. But the design called for two canes, with one of these providing the VW's curved sahpe. On enlarging these holes, I found they were too close to the edges.

The next model will not have this flaw, and will be a little longer (say 11" by 7"). This will enable me to make larger curves and provide a larger opening for the centrepiece it is designed to carry.

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  1. That is just too cool, way to go - it looks so awesome...or should I say groovy??