Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleeves for take-out coffee cups

The cups in which you receive take-out coffee are often uncomforatble to hold. One solution is to hold the cup in a wicker sleeve. The first step in designing such a sleeve was to form the template for its construction. In this stage I drew a circle on a piece of plywood and then drilled twelve holes on the circle's circumference. Twelve lengths of cane were then poked through these holes.

These twelve canes were then locked into place on the underside of the plywood template as shown.

I then wove four rounds of round cane on the top side of the plywood before placing two rounds of flat cane. I then wove four more rounds of round cane. To finish the top-side I wove the upper border.

The last stage, not shown here, was to unlock the base weaving, remove the plywood and weave a finishing lower border. The end result looks fine and serves its purpose well.

These sleeves are available in my Etsy shop.