Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Assembling material for my tray-making class

On Sunday November 15th I will be teaching four or more students how to make this tray or a similar one. At last night's Guild meeting I was told I have four students registered, with openings for two more to my maximum of six.

Today I began to assemble the material I will take to the Guild's classroom/weaving room in downtown Ottawa. Along with the verbal instruction and the demonstration as I show the students how to make the tray, I will also give each student a generic set of written instructions as shown here. Some students learn by seeing, others by doing, and others by reading.

Each student will have the materials and tools supplied. They will be able to choose the colour or colours they wish to weave with in the flat cane segments of the weaving. Choice may also be made as to the colour of the pony beads some may choose for added embellishment.

Students may also choose the size of the tray base. Some bases are square and others are rectangular. All have been pre-drilled, sanded and finished with a light coat of beeswax.

I look forward to a constructive afternoon of three hours or so in length where beautiful finished products will be made. I hope to show off the finished trays in my blog on the 15th or 16th.

For those of you unable to take part in my class, similar trays can be purchased through my Etsy shop. Alternatively, you could purchase a Tray Kit from me. Such kits include all the materails you need, written instructions as well as visual tutorials showing the various steps in the making of trays. These tutorials can be seen on the June 9th blog.

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