Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It never rains but it pours!

It has been a frustrating morning to say the least.

When we got up we saw that there was a bobcat style of back hoe parked at the bottom of our driveway. "Is that for the excavation for the sanitary sewer break or is it for the installation of the back-flow valve on the storm sewer line?" we wondered. The answers soon came as Fred the plumber arrived. It was for the excavation for the storm sewer. But where is that located was Fred's question. On Monday a City crew had marked the location of the sanitary sewer lines, but not the location of the storm sewer.

We waited until another plumber arrived with a video camera to put down the storm sewer line, and thus locate it.

Then the back hoe operator arrived, and eventually work on excavating the storm sewer line began.

What we were not prepared for was the discovery that the storm swer line was broken in several places in the first 50' of its path beneath my front garden. After the 50' mark, the camera became submersed in water.

My neighbour, Richard, and I viewed the video that shows the breaks. Much of the front garden will have to be excavated. And this is not covered by insurance. It is specifically excluded.

What is next?

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