Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where the next excavation will be.

This morning another City worker appeared at the front of the house armed with a digital camera. I asked him who he was and what he was doing. He was Steve, the person at the City who spotted the collapse of the sanitary sewer pipes on the videos taken several weeks back. He was waiting for a contractor to come to show him where to excavate to repair the sanitary sewer. The white pole marks one edge of the proposed excavation and the black pole the other edge. The excavation will go onto what I thought was my land as far as the spade. That is located at the curb stops, where the City turns of the water lines to the houses

As you can see from this photo a goodly section of my front yard will be dug up. The excavation will extend across the sidewalk and to the middle of the road and will be very deep. I will dig up as many perennials and bushes as I can in the eight foot swath and transplant them over winter to a section of my vegetable garden. The tree will be dug out by the contractors and replaced in its position as the work ends. Most plants are dormant at the moment and so most should survive.
The work is expected to begin the week after next. The storm sewer will be replaced too from the curb stop on and any water leakages from the water lines fixed too. Fun times ahead.

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  1. Hi John, goodness , you have had your share of problems. When you are a home owner, there is always something to be done. I don't envy you, we have built 2 homes and just the anticipation from new construction, landscaping and settling into it, is a big task.
    Good luck to you!