Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day freezing rain

This is the view from my front-door step this morning. Freezing rain overnight has made the road, sidewalks and driveways into skating rinks.

The light, freezing rain has left a coating of rime on the tree limbs. Not enough to cause the disasters of the "Ice Storm". Just enough to sparkle in the daylight.

We awoke this morning to see the clock-radio flashing 12 09. A minor power cut had occured because of the freezing rain. But power was back.

I will have to scrape the ice off the car if I go anywhere.

Nathan, my youngest son, left his home in Ottawa at 5 30 am to go to a Boxing Day Sale to get a bargain priced Flat Screen TV. Despite the ice, he succeeded. That kind of venture is not for me!

It even looks a bit dismal for the birds at the feeder.

But a thaw will come!

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