Friday, December 11, 2009

Desk pen set with a marble base

The beautiful slab of green marble has been in my basketry studio for quite a while. How could I make use of it while enhancing its attractiveness? I recently had an inspiration: use it as a base for a pen set. Then, of course, I had to find a good quality pen set. The Lee Valley catalogue had one such set.
The next problem was how to secure this to the marble. It came with a bolt, so, obviously, I had to drill a hole through the marble and counter sink it to to accomodate the bolt's head.
My search of the drill bits I had did not find the one I used many years ago to drill through ceramic tile. Off to Home Depot to seek advice there. Success! There were bits there for this purpose. "Score where you want to drill first, and lubricate well. It will be a slow process."
As you can see, the drilling was successful. (Toy soldiers not included.)

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