Thursday, December 17, 2009

Making Anne's catch-all office basket

To begin this basket, I chose one of my pre-cut 1/4" plywood bases and drilled holes around its circumference at 1" intervals. Fifty holes were needed in this case. I then sanded the base and gave it a finishing coat of beeswax. I then threaded a stake through each of the drilled holes. This photo shows the basket at that stage.

The next stage is to lock the stakes to the base by weaving the short end of each stake "over one and behind one as shown here.

Here the locking of the stakes to the base is completed.

At the next stage, five rows of three-rod waling have been woven.

To complete the weaving I added two rows of flat cane in Evening Blue, two more rows of waling, another two rows of flat cane and then four more rows of waling. To complete the weaving I then wove the stakes to form the border. I then added the handles.

The end result is a basket useful to collect the home office items together. The basket may be used for many other purposes too.
My wife, Anne, gave me the ideas for this purpose-driven basket, and she is very pleased with her custom-made example.

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