Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Preparing to make models of hot air balloons using paper mache

Today is the third day of experimaneting with paper mache to make two more models of a hot air balloon. After making the wicker model that is in my Etsy shop, my eldest son and my wife commented about the relative scale of the basket and the balloon. Perhaps in my next attempt I could make them more to scale.

In this example I have covered a flood light and a small plastic measuring cup with paper mache. The small measuring cup is more in scale with the light. The next task is to figure out how to connect these two elements. Stay tuned!

As you will note, the flood light has had a small bolt embedded in the paper mache. One of the silver coloured nuts in front of the light will be screwed onto the bolt to form a means of hanging this model balloon. Once it is dry after I have figured out how to join the two segments, I will be able to paint it.

Also in front of the floodlight is a black plastic fitting that is used to connect plastic pipes together. The basket for the larger balloon below is made from one such connection covered in paper mache, as is the neck of the balloon.

This model is formed around a balloon. The "basket" and the balloon are connected together with steel rods made from the wire of a cut apart coat hanger. This model also has a bolt embedded in it so it too can be suspended for display.

The models will likely take another two days to dry before I can add more paper mache. Once they are completly dry, I will paint them and photograph them.

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  1. John, what's the scale that you're making this to? 1:12, 1:144?
    Most DH miniatures are still 1:12?