Saturday, January 30, 2010

A brisk winter's walk

Yesterday and today are days where an Actic air mass has settled over Ottawa. Radio and TV are full of warnings about the dangers of going out if not properly dressed.

Anne and I spent 30 years in Red Lake in NW Ontario where such weather is the norm, not the exception. As part of our continued efforts to become fit once more, we decided to walk to the local mall as usual despite a windchill of -32C.

We put on our lightweight Ottawa winter boots rather than the mukluks we might have worn in Red Lake or the heavy duty Sorrels. Scarves went under our Red Lake issue Parkas, and touques beneath the Parka hoods. Regular Thinsulite gloves sufficed instead of the native-made mitts we would have worn in Red Lake.

A brisk 20 minute walk bought us to the mall. The walk was enjoyable, particularly when the sun broke through the grey overcast. And the cold was that dry cold we so enjoyed in Red Lake rather than Ottawa's damp cold. The latter is more chilling.

The one thing we do miss about the Red Lake winters is the clear sunlit days. Sunlight seems to be in short supply in the Ottawa valley.

(The mitts and mukluks are for sale as vintage items in my Etsy shop.)

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