Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shabby chic

During a "chat" this morning on an Etsy chat line, this basket was admired and described as "shabby chic." At the time I was not aware of the meaning of the term and did not know whether or not it was a compliment. I have since learned it probably was a compliment and that a proportion of my baskets could properly have the term applied to them as one of their tags. I added that tag to what I considered to be baskets that fit that characterisation. My sewing baskets, particularly those with a rose-print liner, are one such group.
When I first began writing descriptions and selecting tags for my baskets at Etsy, one of my friends, Lori, said I would have to learn a new language. She is so right! Searchers use tags to find items they are looking for. How many more new tags will come to light over the months ahead?


  1. John,
    I'll tell you another tag you may want to consider as there are a whole group of people who search this tag and that is "primitive" for the rustic home decor look.

  2. sometimes it really helps when others look at your work and give you tips on tags you could use. It can be hard to know these terms...I hope that you find more that can be of use to you.