Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 2 of Tutorial for making a basketry hot air balloon (continued).

I left the basket for a couple of hours in soak so that the remainder of the stakes would be supple enough to work with for the last section of theballoon.

I then wove several rows of twining around pairs of the remaining stakes. I then cut off one of each pair.

At this point I began to prepare the connections between the balloon and its basket. I inserted four 24" lengths of #7 cane, 5mm thick, besides every third stake. (There were 12 remaining at this point. I then wove a very simple border with these stakes, behind two and out, and then over one and in. I cut off any surplus on the inside of the basket.

The balloon is now ready to be attached to the base of its basket. This, and the weaving of that basket will be covered in Day 3's tutorial. (This may happpen on Sunday or Monday. Tomorrow, Anne and I plan on going to see the ice sculptures at Ottawa's Winterlude Festival, and also walk on the canal. And Saturday is Adrian's day.)

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