Saturday, February 6, 2010

Funkydoodad: an Etsian to get to know

May I introduce you to an Etsian, a friend, and a person I am mentoring into the joys of Etsy? Rhonda Bobinski, selling under her Etsy name of Funkydoodad, was first of all a student of mine when I was a Guidance Counsellor at Red Lake District High School in NW Ontario. After attending University, she returned to Red Lake and joined the teaching staff of the school as its Art Teacher. We worked as colleagues for several years before I retired. In a brief biography, Rhonda writes:

Rhonda Bobinski has had the advantage of growing up in Northern towns across Ontario and Manitoba; picking blueberries under a hot sun, paddling a canoe down a lazy stream, listening to the cry of a lone wolf. It is inevitable that her surroundings are going to influence her artistically.

Rhonda left Red Lake, Ontario, after high school to obtain her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree, then carried on to receive her Bachelor of Education degree. In between raising her son, and creating nature inspired art, Rhonda also teaches Art at the Red Lake District High School.

Rhonda is a multi-media artist that enjoys integrating several art mediums and techniques into one art piece. She enjoys using lost and forgotten mediums such as coffee and candle wax, but also enjoys going back to a purist perspective and using mediums as they were originally intended.

Rhonda works in a variety of movements, from Abstract collage to Expressionism to Realism as well as a variety of styles such as photography, watercolour, found object colour, jewelry and printmaking.

I hope you will visit Ronda's Etsy shop and see the samples of her work there:


  1. Hi Ronda. Welcome to Etsy. I love your work. We need to see more, more, more. Do you have a website showing more pieces?

  2. Wow! Thank you so much, John. This is very nice advertising indeed.

    Catherine, I wish I had the opportunity to be more prolific, but time is certainly a factor. I promise to post anything new when I have it created. Thanks for your kind works.