Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two more days in and around Tucson

On the second of these two days we visited the Biosphere 2 exhibition. Originally built as completely separate from the outside world, it is today a scientific research site. We enjoyed the almost 90 minute tour that kept us out of the desert rain. A temperature of around 44F in the rain is too much like an English winter day. (The tunnel here connects the different sections of the Biosphere. The contrast in temperatures fogged up my camera lens!)

Earlier in the day we visited an outdoor farmer's market. A minimum of 1/2" of rain fell today, that's a significant part of the 10" annual rainfall.

The day before was sunny and we visited the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Lots of desert plants including this barrel cactus.

With the winter and spring rains, plants are bursting with colour, flowers and fruits.

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