Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creating another raised garden

Yesterday, Julian and I spent several hours constructing the 4 foot by 2 foot by 1 foot raised garden.

We purchased a kit of brackets from Lee Valley Tools, the green metallic items shown here. Then we screweed these onto two 2" by 4" frames of pressure treated lumber. The sides of 12" by 12" patio blocks were placed in the brackets of the lower frame, and then, after a great deal of effort, the upper frame was added for stability.

Today's task was to fill the raised garden with a layer of compost and then good garden soil.

The last step was to attach the trellis to the raised garden and to secure it.
We plan to grow roses or another climbing plant from the lower garden level since this is the sunniest exposure. Herbs or vegetables are being considered for the raised section. The trellis will give a little more privacy to the patio area.

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  1. Those raised beds look good! Congrats on a project well done!