Thursday, March 11, 2010

My newly organised Etsy shop

Yesterday, I joined the Etsy team called the Chat Team. It is made up of compulsive chatters. As I skimmed the blogs from that team, I came across one that described how effective re-organising your "shop" could be if you customise your listing.

Three hours later, I had re-organised my shop so as to have similar items grouped together, page by page. Up to that point, the listings on each page were in order of the dates by which I listed them. Vintage items sat cheek by jowell with rib baskets. Sewing baskets were scattered throughout. There was no order.

Now there is order. The first page contains the collection of Market Baskets I have made and offer for sale. The first two photographs here are examples of those baskets. They fit together nicely, and offer a person seaching for such a basket a one -page place to search.

Page 2 contains all the vintage items I have for sale such as the mukluks here.

The few vintage paintings I have are also on this page. To complete the page, I added the three pen sets on marble bases I have made. They meld in better with the vintage items than with the baskets.

Page three shows sewing baskets and rib baskets. While these are made using completly different techniques of basket-making, they do work together well on the page.

The three examples of wicker models of hot-air balloons are also shown on this page.

Page 4 is where I couple together the tray baskets as well as the kits for prospective do-ot-yourself tray makers.
I revamped my Shop Announcement to draw attention to this re-organisation as a final step in the process.

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  1. Oh wow! I have wanted to be able to organize my shop just like this. I am about a week away from reopening my shop, and this type of organization would be super-duper!