Saturday, March 27, 2010

No floozies in Ottawa this March

Before we moved to Ottawa in 2001, we lived in Red Lake in NW Ontario while Adrian lived in a six-unit appartment building in nearby Balmertown that was owned and operated by Harmony Centre for Community Living. Every work day, Adrian was picked up, with others, at the residence and taken by the Harmony Centre van to Red Lake, 10 km away, where the workshop was found.

One winter's day, Sophia and a co-worker picked up Adrian and his friends as usual. As they drove off, they tuned in the radio to listen to the weather forecast. Unfortunately, they were a little late and missed it. Sophia really wanted to know what the forecast was and asked her companion if she knew what the weather would be like. Then Adrian spoke loudly from the back of the van: "Floozies!" Sophia looked at her friend in consternation. Why was Adrian calling them "floozies." Surely he did not know what the term meant?

Again he said loudly, "Floozies." Then repeated, "Snow floozies."

His meaning was then clear. He had listened to an earlier weather forecast, and it called for snow flurries.

Ever since then, we smile when we hear "snow flurries" in the weather forecast. And this month in Ottawa was remarkable in the lack of snow and of "snow floozies."

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