Friday, April 16, 2010

The rib basket is finished!

Midway through this morning's session of weaving, the rim of the basket was completely finished as the weaving rows from each side met. In this photograph, the basket looks complete, but you can see that there is still weaving to be done where the basket sits in the table.

This picture shows the areas that still needed weaving even though the rim was completely finished.

Here the basket is finished, and as with all my rib baskets made from homegrown willow and grapevine ribs and hoops, it is somewhat eccentrically shaped.

The grapevine follows its own shape while the ribs, with their natural variation in size from tip to butt make for interesting shapes.

I will post this basket for sale on my etsy shop later tonight or tomorrow. Then I can add photos that do not reflect the still damp sections of the weaving.

The natural dye of the walnut is quite pleasing, I think.

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