Thursday, May 6, 2010

April showers brought May flowers.

Today's blog features photographs of flowers from my garden in this early May season. It is fitting to start with images of tulips as today also marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of The Netherlands from Nazi German occupation. Parades in Holland mark that occasion today as Canadian Veterans return to the land they freed so long ago.

This weekend is also the beginning of Ottawa's Tulip Festival. The Dutch gave Ottawa thousands of tulip bulbs in thanks for the liberation. I must visit the Festival and take my annual photos of the displays.

I included a photograph of one of my rhubarb plants to keep in with the WWII theme. In England, during that war, "Dig for Victory" was one of the slogans. People raised vegetables of all kinds as part of the war effort. Rhubarb was part of the war effort, though sweeteners of any kind were in very short supply.

Anne's shade gardens are also coming to life in early May.

The early spring flowers in the shade add touches of colour. Hostas and ferns are showing through in these areas too.

And last but not least, the apple tree is in full bloom. April showers brought the reward of May flowers indeed!

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  1. What pretty pictures. Tulips are my favorite flowers. My rhubarb is coming along nicely too. Speaking of sweateners with your rhubarb, I found Stevia at my Home Depot store and have planted that. It is a great herbal no calorie sweetener.