Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Early blooming shrubs.

Our early-blooming shrubs are beginning to make a very nice display. The bridal wreath spirea is beginning to flower. This was one shrub that was not uprooted last fall.

This honeysuckle is one shrub that was transplanted, and it has survived well. It is near to the sidewalk (pavement) and attracts close inspection by many passers by.

The Gold Leaf Spirea is not yet in flower, but its beauty and shape is attractive as it is. Another of this species was transplanted and is doing well.

The honeysuckle by the door is striking as usual. Every year since we moved here in 2001 I have cut this shrub back, cutting it to a manageable height and removing at least one third of its mass. It thrives on this rough treatment.

The Thornless Honey Locust is leafing out well despite its rough handling last year as it was moved and then replanted in the fall. It is a tree that is one of the last to leaf out. It was a long wait to see if it had survived.

In the back yard, the Dogwood that Anne has trained along the fence, is in bloom. Ottawa's climate well suits many shrubs.

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