Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Humidex readings in May!

Canadian weather analysts use a "Humidex Index" that combines temperature readings with humidity readings to give a verbal assessment of how hot it feels. When the humidex reading exceeds 36, a heat warning is given by medical authorities. Yesterday the index reached 37, and today it is forecast to reach 38.

Yesterday high school athletics scheduled for outside were postponed because of the index. That seemed to be a wise move.

Yesterday, I golfed from 9 00 am to 1 00 pm while the indices were within reason. And, because of a two-for-one deal in the famed golfer's red book, we all took carts. That was a good decision, particularly for the last few holes.

Today's plan was to get up early and have my run before breakfast. (I try to run a minimum of three times a week these days.) The plan did not happen, but I did get out for a 35 minute run when the temperature was around 26C and the humidex probably around 30. Tomorrow I will try to run earlier.

As I finished my run, I saw a worker from the City of Ottawa spraying more lines on the road between us and our neighbour. The photo above shows these marks close to and around the area that was excavated last year. I asked why this was being marked again. Was more excavation to take place? The answer was, "No". The road repair was made last fall with "cold mix". This was now to be removed and a permanent surface put there. I do not envy people working with hot tar in this humidity. Perhaps when the work does begin it will be cooler.

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