Sunday, May 9, 2010

May comes in like a lion!

Last night a windstorm passed through Southern Ontario leaving some damage in its wake. Trees were downed and electrical power lost in several cities. At my home, the damage was limited to blowing down the sun canopy on our deck over the car port.

During the night we could hear the thumping and banging as the wind raised the legs of the canopy and pulled against the tethers that held them down. Then we heard a series of more ominous louder crashes.

In the morning the damage became apparent. When the wind dies down, we will try to put the canopy back together again. If the struts have not been twisted too much out of shape, we might be lucky!

1 comment:

  1. Oh that is too bad. A week ago Thurs we had 70 mph gusts of wind. That is hurricaine force. Having lived in Kansas with tornados and Florida with hurricaines I know and do not like wind. Hope you can get things back together.
    Tell Anne Happy Mother's Day and spoil her rotten. ;-)