Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A similar but different sewing basket.

My trade-mark sewing baskets usually have the shape and overall design shown here. But the bases and the lids are usually made from rattan cane. Here I used a pre-cut plywood base for both the base and the lid of this basket.

The plywood rounds were among the items I received for the retired teacher from Pakenham. They proved to have 29 holes in each, so I could not use flat cane in the design since the stop-start rows for such require an even number of stakes.

I used natural, undyed rattan cane for the stakes and the first rows of weavers. The first five rows were woven with three-rod waling, followed by three rows of twining using two weavers for each of the two elements of that weave. I then wove three more rows of three-rod waling using cane dyed Elephant Gray, two rows of the Emerald Green and a row of Emerald Green pony beads. I then repeated with two rows of Emerald Green and three of Elephant Gray.

The border was a behind two and out, over two and in, over two and down and over two and down. For the lid, I secured the Elephant Gray cane to the underside by an around one and in pattern. On the top side, I wove to the inside then out.

With help from Anne and my eldest son I then found the centre of the lid so I could drill a hole there and secure the knob.

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