Thursday, July 8, 2010

Walking today

For this mornings walk, I strapped on my heart rate monitor, set up my Garmin Forerunner, and off Anne and I went. Every five seconds or so the monitor beeped and told me the heart rate was too low. While it increased from my resting rate between 50 and 60 beats per minute, it never reached the lowest level of what Garmin determines to be my training level within its 2nd zone of levels.

Anne kept chuntering on about the beeping. I had set the device to cycle through its various screens so every time it reached the heart level screen, it beeped and flashed its warning: "Heart rate too low."

On reaching home, I downloaded the stored data to the computer. It says we walked 1.83 miles in 33 minutes at a speed of 3.3 miles per hour. The average beats per minute were 82, well below the minimum level for training at 111. It also created a lovely map to show where we walked, and the changes in elevation.

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