Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The nearby Trans-Canada trail.

Anne and I are lucky to live within a short distance of the Trans-Canada Trail, a bicycling, walking and jogging trail that crosses Canada from coast to coast.
As I recuperate from my heart attack, we are slowly getting back to using that trail. Today, we got our our bikes and readied for a little longer trip.

Anne is posed in front of some of our perennials.

For some strange reason, my picture always seems to include my Basketry Studio sign.

Today's destination, a return distance of just under six miles, was the park in Stittsville at the site of the old railway station. From here you can ride to the East as far as Bell's Corners and then access other trails and ride as far as the Parliament buildings in Downtown Ottawa. Ottawa has a good network of trails.

Going to the west, we have explored the trail as far as Carleton Place, some 20 kms away. Sometime next year we hope to be able to take that trip again as well as riding to Parliament. For the latter journey, we would book a stay at a hotel downtown (e.g. The Westin) and return the next day.

The local sections of the Trans-Canada Trail follow the path of an abandoned railroad. We are either riding up a long, gentle uphill grade or speeding down a long, gentle downhill grade on such trails. The National Capital Commission Trails are a little more varied.

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