Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introducing "Nancytoday."

At Fibrefest 2010, Nancy of "Nancytoday" stopped by to compliment me on my baskets. I was intrigued by Nancy as around her neck she wore a basket-purse made from cedar bark. I was fascinated to learn that she has many "how to" videos about basket-making, soap making and many other crafts on youtube. See http:// www.youtube.com/nancytoday for the many examples of her work. She has lots of hits on youtube as well as thousands of followers.

Here are pictures taken from her etsy shop (Nancytoday) of the products she sells on-line there. These include the felted bubble soap, other soaps as well as a monarch butterfly that met an untimely death on the hood of a car.

Nancy learned much of her basket-making skill under the guidance of Ankaret Dean, a master basket-maker. It was Ankaret Dean that taught me how to make rib baskets too.

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