Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preparing for Fibrefest

My "Studio" is looking like a disaster area as I prepare my baskets to transport them to Almonte on Friday to set up for Fibrefest 2010. I spent two or more hours yesterday adding price tags and an information card to the many new items I made since my last exhibition and sale in December 2009.

Currently, I have almost 90 items listed in my on-line Etsy store as well as many more that are unlisted. As I priced and tagged my items to offer for sale in Almonte, I had to decide which baskets I would take and which I should leave at home. I can only take so much in the two totes that will be tied to the luggage rack on the top of my car. The remaining baskets I take will be placed loose in the trunk and on the back seat of the car. In this photo you can see one tote already packed and closed and the other almost ready for closing.

The display units look bare.

The larger pieces remain at home in preference to smaller, lower priced pieces.

Before Anne and leave for Almonte, I will close my Etsy shop, putting it on "vacation" mode. I will take my camera to Almonte and record which baskets sell. When I return, I will remove these sold items from my Etsy shop. It would not do to sell the same item twice!

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  1. Gorgeous baskets - good luck at the fibrefest!