Saturday, September 11, 2010

Setting up for the Fibrefest.

Anne and I arrived at the North Lanark Agricultural Hall yesterday in brilliant sunshine to set up for Fibrefest, a Festival of the Fibre Arts. Our trusty Mazda Protege hauled the two large totes with only one stop on the way as a passing car indicated some trouble with the bungee cords that held the totes somewhat securely to the car. The trunk and back seat were also loaded down with baskets.

The North Lanark Agricultural Hall is a heritage building in the village of Almonte in the Township of Mississippi Mills. The twenty or so artists and artisans who are in Fibrefest are located in this hall as well as the Mississippi Textile Museum a short distance away. The hall has a balcony around it and is a fascinating place in itself. It is situated with nearby barns that hold cattle. There is also a grandstand and paddock. Cattle were being loaded into a cattle truck as we set up yesterday.

Three tables were set aside for my display as I had requested. The floor was marked with masking tape and my area clearly indicated on a floor plan. Anne and I took perhaps 30 minutes to set up, first covering the tables to floor level with an assortment of cloths. Many exhibition and show rules insist that display units be covered to floor level and all supplies be hidden from sight.

In setting up the display, we placed all sewing baskets together, all rib baskets in another area, and market baskets in a third area. Then the "others" were grouped together. We even found space for the Etsy sign.

Anne was quite impressed that the quantity of baskets I selected matched so well the area of display that was allotted us. Experience counts.

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