Saturday, October 16, 2010

Preparing the garden for winter

Its now time to begin the long but enjoyable task of preparing the garden for winter. This photo shows where I have extracted two full barrow loads of compost from one of five composters. I fill these with kitchen waste, leaves and other garden debris, and "voila" compost is created within the spring, summer and fall months.

Here is the result of that season of compost making, good, rich, black compost. Two of the composters are adjacent to the barrow here, while in the background is the large open-to-the-air composter.

Here the freshly transported compost is spread over the section of the vegetable garden in which I grew potatoes. I will dig this in when the ground can be worked in the spring before planting for another season.

The large fronds of asparagus hide the wheel barrow. This load is part of the garden debris that will become next year's compost.

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