Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good neighnours

During the rehabilitation program at the Heart Institute, I, along with all other participants, were warned about the dangers of snow shovelling for people with heart conditions. Our neighbour across the street, Wanda, echoed these warnings and suggested we ask her son, Spencer, to cut the grass for me as well as shovelling the snow in the winter. Spencer is in Grade 12 and, as with all Ontario students, has to complete 40 hours of volunteer work prior to graduation. Spencer agreed.

This morning, the driveway was filled in with drifted snow, varying from 6 - 12 inches deep. At 10 00 am Anne and I left the house and walked to the local mall, a 25 minute walk. On our return, just after noon, we found our driveway as shown in the photograph. Since Spencer is in school, I phoned Wanda to ask if she had shovelled. "Yes", was her answer. Thank goodness for good neighbours!

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  1. What a great neighbourly deed. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. ;)