Sunday, January 16, 2011

Planning for craft sales for 2011

For 2011 I am planning to try to expand my excursions into craft sales to explore larger scale sales venues. In the past, my ventures into local sales have resulted in revenue that on good days just about covers the costs of entering the shows. I have enjoyed taking part in local shows such as the ones listed here:

The Maple Run Tour in Pakenham
Fibre Fest in Almonte
The West Carleton Arts Society Exhibition and Sale in Carp
The Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild Exhibition and Sale in the Glebe

The people who organise these craft shows are volunteers who provide good venues for people to exhibit their work. And these venues are good places for you to make a name for yourself. But they have not been good revenue producers for me. It is only with my Etsy sale revenue exceeding my Etsy costs that I have began to "break even" overall for the last two years where total revenue from sales equalled total costs including the costs of supplies and of transportation to and from events!

For 2011 I will be applying for two larger scale venues. One is the Spring Craft Show at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, a huge craft show that has top quality artisans and thousands of visitors over a week. I have sentthe organisors of the show a request for more information and an application form. I will also complete an application for the renowned craft show in Prince Edward County, Ontario, "The Maker's Hand."

Both of these shows will be a step up in scale, and in price. And for this type of show I will need to make a capital investment in portable wire shelving units on which to display my work. Tables, draped with sheets, will not suffice any more.

I hope that my application for inclusion in these shows will be accepted. I hope this leap into a new level of business will be successful. But Anne and I will enjoy the experience whatever the result.

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