Monday, February 7, 2011

Church School donations to children in Togo and Ghana

Abdou Amidou is a caregiver for Adrian, our adult son with autism. Last year, Glen Cairn United Church was one of Abdou's supporters in his campaign to ship a huge container of school supplies, toys and children's clothing to rural schools in his original homeland, Togo, and neighbouring Ghana. In the fall, members of Glen Cairn United Church made another collection for a second container to be shipped this spring.

Throughout the month of January, the church's Sunday school students joined in the campaign to collect light weight clothing, school supplies, toys and toiletries. Earlier today, Anne and I collected these donations. The results are shown here: boxes of toys, boxes of clothes, toiletry supplies, school supplies, and lots of three ring binders.

In addition, there are two (or more) blackboards promised as well as two children sized bikes. Our children have done so very well.

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