Monday, February 14, 2011

Practicing packing.

There are approximately 80 baskets and four lamps on these assembled shelving units in my basement. Would all of this, including the shelves, fit into my Mazda Protege and still leave room for Anne and I? I spent the morning removing the baskets and lamps from the shelves, packing some into two totes, and dis-assembling the portable shelves.

And the answer to my question was: "YES!"

Here is the Mazda packed as tightly as I could manage.

The trunk is full.

And two totes are filled with baskets ready for loading onto the roof racks and being secured by trusty bungee cords.

I just cannot wait to be accepted to the large craft sales I am applying to for the fall season.


  1. Good luck! It looks like you are all ready. OOoo... are you taking the rug and some lighting, too? I like the pic of the set up in your basement.

  2. Four lights were packed but not the rug. I have also added backdrops, pinned with clothes pegs to the back of the display made from green sheets. It will look great.