Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A productive day.

Today has been a very productive day. It began with me making another rib basket similar to this one. I then cooked lunch including lamb chops grilled on the BBQ.

Later I added three individual "vintage" maps and a set of sixteen maps to my etsy shop. Vintage sells. Twenty-seven (27) of the fifty-six (56) items I have sold on etsy have been vintage items, that is items that are twenty year old or older. The maps are certainly that.

I have also had time to go for the first jog in a number of weeks. i managed four km at a very slow pace.

I did miss the Manchester United game today, but will be able to see the Stoke City game as a tape delayed game at 5 00 pm.


  1. I love vintage maps! Wow.. where did you get so many!

  2. I was a Geography teacher and so bought them as part of my teaching.