Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Angel of Burslem

 On the top of the old town hall in Burslem, Staffs, England, you will find this "Angel of Burslem. Anne's family history says the model for the angel was the daughter of the Mayor of Burslem, an ancestor of hers. We have a portrait of the Mayor in his mayoral robes as well as a photo of his daughter.

We are in the midst of negotiating with COMMELEONInc to have this photograph made into a ceramic tile picture to hang in our home. Commeleon is a business based in nearby Merrickville, operated by the serendipitously named Gordon Glaze. He can take any photograph and transfer its image to tiles. We are currently looking at an image on 6" tiles spread over an 18" by 36" frame. We have asked that the sky in the image be transformed into the washed out grey-blue of England rather than the brilliant blue shown here.
A few years ago we visited Burslem to find that the "Angel" was exhibited at the Royal Doulton factory while it was being rehabilitated. This is a picture of the angel at that time with its century or more of pottery dirt and grime. Since that visit, the angel has been replaced at the top of the Town Hall.

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