Thursday, April 28, 2011

The delights of the spring garden

 Spring is finally here with thunder storms and high winds. New spring flowers seem to pop up every day. The hyacinths are just beginning to bloom.
 The white flowers here look lovely but we do not know what they are called. Suggestions please!
 The daffodils are out today and are blowing in the wind.
And I was able to make a start on digging in the compost I spread over my vegetable gardens last fall. Every year, says Anne, I say the same thing at this wonderful time of year. "The soil is beautiful and easy to work." Its good, friable, enriched with humus, and well drained. I even find shells in the soil, evidence this area was a shore line in years gone by.

I have more sections of the vegetable gardens to dig over. One section is already planted with peas and onion sets. Others will be planted with potatoes, carrots, beans, tomatoes and cucumber in three or four weeks time when frost danger is over.

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